Parish Office - 08 8297 8699

Sanctuary of Support & Play Tribe

Bring your little one to Play Tribe and find your own network of support in the Sanctuary. Monday mornings join us at 10.00am for a gentle and fun start your week.

Complete registration below or at your first session.

We start our week with a relaxed Morning Prayer time - you are welcome to join us between 9.15am and 9.45am prior to Play Tribe. Or let us know your prayer needs and we will hold space for you.

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Welcome to our Saint Francis Zoo

Did you know that Saint Francis was well known for his love for all of creation - especially all of God's animal creatures?  We love our animals here at Saint Francis as well.
The Saint Francis Zoo holds a wide collection of cute and cuddly furry creatures who look forward to your visits.            They are always keen for a cuddle!

Meet Lionel

Lionel is one of our Saint Francis Zoo animals. He likes to think he is the King of the Zoo!
Lionel is a most proud lion, but he wouldn't hurt a fly.
His favourite book is 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' - can you guess why? Lionel likes to hang out on the Bishop's chair - he thinks it is his throne!