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Forget-Me-Knot Connection - It Takes a Village

Whilst researching for ‘The Forget Me Knot Connection’ I realised that the more I learned the more there is to learn about dementia, dementia care and dementia “prevention”. Ironically, one of the best ways of slowing cognitive decline is ‘lifelong learning’ which means that I have plenty of time on my hands to learn as much as possible. Luckily, there are some incredibly passionate people living in SA who are focussed on specific goals in dementia research and dementia care. How lu...

June 29, 2023

Forget-Me-Knot Connection - What's in a Name?

Forget-Me-KnotWhen choosing a name for the Dementia Inclusive Program I considered a few choices before landing on ‘The Forget Me Knot Connection’. I chose to use knot because of its connection to the strategy used to remember that there is something to remember (the string tied around the finger).  In my professional life assisting people who live with Dementia I am continuously developing strategies that will help fill the gaps that Dementia has caused in the person’s brain functio...

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